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Throughout the month of February, digital cable customers are poised just a “click away” from unlocking new revelations into some of the history, struggles and beauty that are an integral part of the African-American experience as part of cable’s Diversity On Demand initiative.

“Like” Diversity on Demand on Facebook to receive programming updates and links to trailers on Black History Month and be alerted to various contests and giveaways during the promotion. This will be an online destination where anyone interested in multicultural movies can join to engage with others in the community and learn more about what Diversity on Demand has to offer. They will be celebrating multicultural movies throughout the year with exciting contests, polls, trivia, trailers and more.

Black History Month Programming for Diversity On Demand Includes:

Milestones in Black History: A look at the history of the struggles and strife, the tragedies and the triumphs of African-Americans in the U.S., including programming on the Civil Rights era. Everyone in the family can get in on the learning with documentaries like “The Black List” examining some of the reasons for Black History Month. And kids young and old can take a trip back in time understanding the importance of historical events with “Seizing Justice: The Greensboro 4,” “On the Shoulders of Giants” and “Birds of a Feather: Tuskegee Airmen.”

Profiles in Courage: The biographies of influential African-Americans come to life with dramatic profiles and stories of acclaimed leaders and others who are not so well known—but perhaps should be, such as that of Lena Baker in “Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story.”

Programs and movies like “Independence Day” showcasing award-worthy performances from notable African-American actors such as Will Smith. You can also explore and share real-life family relationship dramas like “Braxton Family Values.”

Hearth & Home: Savor shows like “Down Home with the Neelys” that provide a look at food and other aspects of modern African-American society.

Of the People: Program content that exemplifies the contributions made by multicultural talent, shows written by, starring, directed or produced by African-Americans, like Morgan Freeman in “Million Dollar Baby.”

Powerful Portrayals: Storytelling has always been an important part of African-American culture. Drama fans can enjoy Black cinema offerings, which chronicle the challenges of African-American protagonists in a variety of ways.

That’s Entertainment: Laugh along with comedy specials such as “Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker,” while romantic comedies warm the heart. If music is your thing, there are shows and movies such as “Ray,” the remarkable story of one of America’s true musical geniuses, Ray Charles, that look into the past, present music-making of African-American artists.

Disclosure: This promotional sponsored post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was compensated for my time investment and work on this campaign. All prizing for MSM giveaways is handled by a third party unless otherwise noted. For this reason prize fulfillment can take up to 90 days after the winners information is received.

The giveaway will conclude on February 29th.

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  1. Oprah Winfrey is iconic.

  2. Oprah Winfrey:)

    freebiel0ve @yahoo.com

  3. Whitney Houston

  4. Booker T. Washington!

  5. the roots

  6. Denzel Washington
    Thanks so much.

  7. Toni Morrison

  8. Louis Armstrong.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  9. Debra Janine Thomas; first African American to win a medal at the Winter Olympics, in 1988 dguillen at kc dot rr dot com

  10. Whitney Houston…RIP.

    I'm entering on the rafflecopter with my FB username, Mary Happymommy. Thanks!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  11. Langston Hughes, a well known black author whose short stories I enjoy.


  12. oprah winfrey

  13. Whitney Houston

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  14. Louis Armstrong

  15. Maya Angelou

  16. rosa parks! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  17. samuel l jackson

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  18. Stevie Wonder mintstatesportswear(at)juno(dot)com

  19. Morgan Freeman!!

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  20. Duke Ellington

  21. Stevie Wonder

  22. Harriet Tubman.

  23. Martin Luther King forever and always.

  24. James Mercer Langston Hughes

  25. Paul Mooney


  26. Whitney Houston

  27. I love Oprah!!! thanks!

  28. Martin Luther King

  29. Denzel Washington

  30. Jesse Owens.

  31. Ella Fitzgerald did amazing things for jazz!

  32. Rosa Parks

  33. Our president, Obama. 1st African American president


  34. There are so many..But I do love Denzel Washington :)

    aND, oPRAH!!!


    (SHAYNA B.)

  35. whitney houston crystletellerday@yahoo.com

  36. beyonce!

  37. Morgan Freeman is iconic

    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  38. Barack Obama, of course!

  39. Oprah Winfrey. thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  40. Maya Angelou

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  41. toni braxton

  42. Harriet Tubman

    writer61(@) yahoo.com

  43. Martin Luther King

  44. LeVar Burton, I wish I could thank him for making Reading and Scifi intersting!

    keelagodrino at gmail dot com

  45. Tyra Banks

  46. Christina – xristya@rock.com – Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird)!

  47. James Earl Jones

  48. George Washington Carver was truly awesome.

  49. Martin Luther King

  50. Ray Charles

  51. Jesse Owens

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  52. Jackie Robinson
    heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

  53. Sidney Poitier

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  54. Victor Antonov says:

    Morgan Freeman!

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  55. oprah
    Judy S
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  56. Morgan Freeman – actor.
    He's a favorite.
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  57. Bill Cosby

  58. Michael Jackson
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  59. Morgan Freeman ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  60. maya angelou

    margaritaholic at suddenlink dot net

  61. Aurthur Ashe

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  62. Harriet Tubman

    tes 1283 yahoo

  63. Oprah Winfrey.

  64. Will Smith

  65. Tyra Banks

  66. Whitney Houston

  67. Martin Luther King!
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  68. Maya Angelou

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  70. Martin Luther King!!
    bunnybx at gmail . com

  71. sounds great

  72. Michelle Obama!

  73. The great poet Gwendolyn Brooks!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  74. Morgan Freeman

  75. Oprah Winfrey. I have watched her on TV for years.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  76. Maya Angelou.


  77. whitney houston

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  78. Oprah Winfrey

  79. Rosa Parks


  80. Harriet Tubman
    leenburke at yahoo dot com

  81. Oprah

    jennifer marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  82. Toni Morrison is one of my favorite authors. She is brilliant.

  83. The great Stevie Wonder
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  84. Octavia Butler.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  85. George Washington Carver
    1prizewinner at gmail dot com

  86. Maya Angelou

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  87. I like Morgan Freeman – very talented.

  88. Barack Obama

  89. maya angelou was a big inspiration for my school days.
    tam s.

  90. Oprah Winfrey.
    iheartcoupons4 at gmail.com
    amanda joy

  91. Nicole Leonard says:
  92. Colin Powell

  93. BBrittBrat1398@yahoo.com says:
  94. Oprah!

  95. My girl Toni Morrison!

  96. Morgan Freeman
    raffle copter: happi shopr

  97. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Thank you for the giveaways!

  98. Martin Luther King!
    jodysis at windstream dot net

  99. Ashley Tucker says:

    Rosa Parks

    ajoy1332 at yahoo dot com

  100. Whitney Houston

  101. Oprah winfrey


  102. martin luther king, jr

  103. Helle Barry ladyvon at grm dot net

  104. Alice Walker. Thamks for the giveaway.

    President dot peaches at hotmail dot com

  105. my favorite talk show host oprah winfrey

  106. morgan freeman,etta james

  107. Anonymous says:

    great giveaway

  108. easy-oprah winfrey

    klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  109. BB King-the master of the Blues!
    cbstrat (at) gmail (dot) com

  110. Maya Angelou (julie hawkins)
    honeypie411 at yahoo dot com

  111. Whitney Houston is iconic.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  112. Bill Cosby

  113. Harriet Tubman

  114. Oprah Winfrey


    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  116. Martin Luther King.

    Liz Neal

    marcsgirl61 at gmail dot com

  117. Maya Angelou. I got to see her when she spoke in San Diego. She's amazing.

  118. President Obama

  119. danny glover


  120. Oprah! I don't think you can get more influential than her.

  121. Alice Walker
    Thanks for the contest.

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