Funky, Funny Fashion Stories in Strikingly True

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It’s fashion with a unique Ripley’s twist. Don’t worry; there is no fashion faux pas here. It’s simply a summer collection of bizarre fashion stories featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Strikingly True. The book is an annual collection of unusual, unbelievable and amazing stories from around the world.

Some of the book’s tailor made stories include:

Phone Dress – P. 220 – A London fashion company has introduced the M-Dress, a little black dress that also serves as a mobile phone. The dress, which has a tiny antenna in its hem, allows wearers to make and receive calls by putting their SIM card under the label. To take a call, they raise their hand to their ear; to end it they let it fall to their side.

Poo Shoes – P. 207 – British artist INSA created a pair of 10-in-high stiletto shoes with platforms made from elephant dung. He sourced the waste from the same family of elephants that provided the material for a famous series of elephant-dung collage paintings by Turner Prize-winning British artist Chris Ofili in the 1990s. Perhaps Lady Gaga will up the ante on her outlandishly “avante-garde” sartorial sense, and start rocking these ten inch bejeweled and beaded poo poo-shoes.

Chocolate Shoes – P. 190 – Confectioner Frances Cooley from Bristol, England, sells shoes and handbags made of chocolate. She has developed a line of individual, high-heeled shoes – including zebra-striped and polka-dot versions – which she makes by hand in her own kitchen. The largest shoe is 6 ¾ in long and made from two 3 ½ oz bars of Belgian chocolate.

Girl Gucci – P. 218 – At just ten years old, Cecilia Cassini of Encino, California, was already an accomplished fashion designer. After receiving a sewing machine for her sixth birthday, she has gone on to design children’s clothes, and a number of celebrities have bought her designs for their kids.

Gum-Wrapper Dress – P. 208 – Elizabeth Rasmuson of Garner, Iowa, made her 2010 high-school prom dress out of hundreds of gum wrappers that she and her boyfriend, Jordan Weaver, had been collecting for six months. She also made him a matching vest out of blue-and-white gum wrappers.

Enormous Shirt – P. 209 – A team of South African tailors worked nonstop for three weeks to make a T-shirt bigger than the Statue of Liberty. About 6.5 million stitches held together the 208 x 140 ft shirt, using over 22,965 ft of fabric.

Tasty Shoes – P. 206 – Israel’s Koby Levi has designed shoes in the shapes of bananas, cats, shopping baskets, dogs, rocking chairs – and one pair with a pink stiletto heel that makes it look as though the wearer has stepped in a piece of chewing gum.

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