Top 10 Beautiful Playhouses

Victorian Playhouse, $23,400 at PoshTots

Victorian Playhouse beautifully featutes a front porch, turret, cedar-shingled gable, scrollwork accents, octagonal window, shingled roof, and bay window with window boxes (shown here with a yellow exterior with white, soft blue and lavender trim). Designed and built by Alan Mowrer, this playhouse can be constructed with countless interior and exterior options. Whether it’s cable, running water, electricity, central air or a wireless communication system, Alan can accommodate your wishes. Other architectural styles are also available from fairy tale cottages to rustic cabins or even a miniature replica of your home. Comprehensive interior design services are also available through designer Michelle Pollak who helps clients with a variety of interior details such as window treatments, moldings, paint colors, furnishings, rugs and flooring including wood, marble or Mexican tile. Each playhouse is a custom piece; with Alan and Michelle the possibilities are endless.

Little Cottage Company Sara’s Victorian Mansion, $4,605 at Wal-Mart

This is an architectural masterpiece boasting beautiful wooden trusses and stunning gingerbread and Victorian trim. With the seventeen working windows, and lofted play area, your children can live lavishly and relax in style! The Victorian Mansion has several distinct characteristics which can be further emphasized with its occupant s personal touch. This spacious work of art can compliment any occasion whether it be a relaxing tea party or an extravagant masquerade!

Luxury Playhouse – Hampton Cottage by La Petite Maison, $19,500 at BabyBox

The Vinyard Cottage playhouse is a work of art, designed to enhance any home’s exterior and provide a whimsical and interactive environment for children to play. Each playhouse is custom designed to appeal to your taste. Any look – from a fairy tale cottage to a miniature replica of your own home can be created. These luxury playhouses even include basic amenities such as water and indoor/outdoor lighting. Designs range from cozy cottages to rugged forts and tree houses. This house, designed and built by Alan Mowrer can be customized in any way you like to meet your specific needs. As an added safety feature, the design team can install a wireless communication hook-up with the main house. Ceiling heights average eight feet, allowing adults to stand comfortably inside – yet retaining a charming scale and appeal. Principles of good design are utilized and applied on a scaled-down version.

Source: http://most-expensive.net/playhouse

Gingerbread Playhouse (Source: Barbara Butler

Source: Whimsical Fairy Garden

Source: Willow Decor

Grand Portico Mansion, $9,345 at Rustic Backyard Structures

Source: World House Design

Log Cabin (Source: Barbara Butlet)

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HilLesha O’Nan is also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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