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They are committed to providing music-based products that are entertaining, educational and beneficial to the well-being of babies and young children. They strive to exceed consumer expectations for quality and value and believe that in a child’s world, Music Makes a Difference!

Why Music Matters

Research studies have linked music with enhanced brain development as well as increased language, memory, coordination and social skills. Moreover, children instinctively love singing, dancing, rhythm and rhyme! All Baby Genius products feature music as the central core to the discovery and learning process. They strive to provide healthy fun and creative entertainment for the whole family, emphasizing the joy of learning together. Baby Genius believes that in a child’s world, Music Makes a Difference!

Cradle Your Baby in Sound

It’s never too early to introduce soothing, classical music to little babies. Create a calming naptime and bedtime ritual that will become a pleasant, happy routine for both child and parent. An atmosphere filled with beautiful lullabies and soft symphonic music will soon have little ones drifting off to the Land of Nod. As an added bonus, parents will also de-stress in the relaxing environment provided by quiet, peaceful music.

Keep the Toddlers Toddling

When children reach the toddler stage, their busy little minds and bodies are filled with boundless energy. It takes a lot of creative thinking on the part of parents to keep them occupied and entertained. Your home will fill with giggles and laughter when playtime becomes the good times for children and parents. Share together happy times of bopping and dancing to delightful songs like The Bunny Hop or The Hokey Pokey and sing along with timeless tunes like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Where is Thumbkin? Music creates a joyful experience as preschoolers learn their ABCs and numbers with the help of lively songs and interactive play.

What We Learn from Music

There is a growing list of the positive effects of music on children. Music helps improve motor skills and builds vocabularies and speech patterns with the repetition of familiar nursery rhyme songs. Music stimulates and encourages creativity, builds self esteem, arouses curiosity, nurtures self confidence and trains little brains. With the help of music, parents who actively participate in the lives of their children bond with their little ones at an early age. Sharing the joy of music with children creates happy memories and family traditions that last a lifetime!

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HilLesha O’Nan is also the founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

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