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If every ingredient was the same shape, and every recipe worked the same way, we’d probably only need one tool in the kitchen. Checking back in with reality, however, we find the need for some pretty specific items. Chef’n has a selection of kitchen tools, and each is designed to do more — so you can use your kitchen time better.

This VeggiChop ($29.99) is the best veggie chop I have ever used. With no electricity required, it even rivals the electrical veggie choppers I’ve tried in the past. Using a patented blade mechanism, you can easily chop: large pieces of vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, boneless meats — or even ice. With a Super Bowl coming up soon, this will come in handy when I make a homemade salsa. I’ve used it twice already, and I made a sweet potato puree. The directions said I could make a puree with just 20 pulls, but it took me over 30 pulls. I wouldn’t dare say that I’m weak because I have the strength of a bull. ;) It was also a little noisy. I’m not complaining, though!

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