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It all started in 2005. Nicole Garza, mother of 2 had a lucky spill when feeding her 10 month old daughter Malia, who was wearing one of her many stained cloth bibs. As the baby food spilled onto her little leather shoe, a simple wipe with a cloth was all it took, and the spill easily wiped away like magic. It was that moment that the idea of leather bibs was born.

Fast forward 3 years. Mally Bibs, the original leather baby bib, is now an award winning children’s product and is available in over 500 retailers across North America, Europe and Japan!

Their dream to design a better baby bib that thousands of people use and enjoy has become a reality. We believe baby bibs should be fun to wear for babies and toddlers, easy to clean for mom and dad, and always look great while cutting down on laundry and helping our environment.

Ron & Nicole Garza, founders Mally Bibs, Mally Designs Ltd.

Review: Baby bibs are the essential accessory of every baby and toddler’s wardrobe. To find one that is cute, but durable is quite a rarity. By this being leather, my first initial reaction was would it be hard to maintain stains in case there were any accidents. If you’re a mother (or father), we all know that with babies and toddlers, those are very hard to avoid no matter how hard you try! I can honestly say that food wipes off easily as it does with an oil cloth bib and much better than a cloth bib. Personally, after discovering oil cloth bibs, I stopped using cloth bibs awhile ago, because they’re hard to keep clean – not worth the time or trouble!

I must say that these bibs are just as good as the oil cloth bibs. Very cute and sturdy! One feature that I really like about the bib is that it has a magnetic closure in the back – no strings attached! Mally Bibs also have a vast collection of designs – whatever suits your taste. I received the Soccer bib ($32.95). It might be a bit pricey for a bib, but it is well worth it. No need to go through any bibs like you would with cloth bibs. I shelled out a lot of money on cloth bibs since my son was born. Lesson learned. All it takes is one good bib.

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